Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A sad day

The past few days have been very difficult at our house. On Saturday evening, Jack, Bo, Pepper and myself were outside enjoying the beautiful day. At one point I looked up and Bo was gone. I assumed he was out in the field peeing on something and would return when he finished sniffing and peeing. The longer we stayed out, the more I began to be concerned. He was no where to be found. Sunday morning came, then Sunday evening. Still no signs of my Bo. PJ rode up and down the road looking to no avail.

Saturday and Sunday nights were hard. I didn't cry until Sunday night. The not knowing where he was or what happened was killing me.

Monday morning rolled around. I pulled myself together and went to work. Any time my brain was still for a moment, it wondered what happened to Bo. I finally finished my work day, did my grocery shopping and headed home. Upon my arrival at home, PJ told me to get in the "buggy" (Polaris Ranger) so we could go for a ride. He drove us over near the dog pen. The closer we got, I realized what was happening. There was a tiny, gravel covered, brick lined grave. My heart sank.

The neighbor found my sweet Bo under a bush in his flower bed. He had been hit by a car and that was as far as he could make it.

Words cannot describe how I feel about losing Bo. He was such a loyal little guy. PJ bought him for me the first Christmas after we were married - December 2005. I have always said that Bo was the first person who was truly happy to see me every time I came into a room. He taught me so many things. I believe that God gave him to be me teach me little leasons about parenting. For 5 years, Bo slept curled up in the bend of my knee every night. Lesson #1 - don't EVER let your kid start sleeping in the bed with you. That is a terrible habit! Lesson #2 - you will be amazed at the things you will clean up as a parent. Lesson #3 - watching your child (K-9 or human) be sick or in pain when there is nothing you can do is a horrible feeling. I'm sure there are many, many more things I learned while being Bo's mom.

What hurts my heart possibly the most is the lack of attention and love I have given Bo since Jack was born. Before giving birth, I got so mad at people who had dogs first, then had children, and began treating the dogs like crap. After Jack arrived, I knew exactly what all those people were going through. He didn't deserve the things that I said to him or felt, I just had such a hard time dealing with all the new stresses in my life. He loved me no matter what. And, more importantly, he loved my Jack. They played so well together. The last thing I did was yell at Bo. I don't know that I'll ever get over that.

Rest in Peace My Friend
Bo Duke Mooney - October 20, 2005 - May 5, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I feel so special!!

So, I've fallen in love with Jen at People I Want to Punch in the Throat - check her out, she is absolutely hilarious .  Yesterday, her post wasn't a "punch" but "love".  She asked for all bloggers who read hers to comment with a link to their blog.  What a neat way of being a blog whore!  I was so inspired, not only did I comment, but I then came to my blog and posted Brain Damage.

When I finally got around to visiting good ol' blogger this afternoon, I received a very special surprise!  One of Jen's readers actually visited my blog!  And commented!  WOO HOO!!!  Of course, I had to check them out in return.  Boy, am I jealous of their travels!  Maybe one of these days I'll get to go to one of these places.  Visit my friends at Family Travels and be jealous too!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brain Damage

We are now completely mobile.  YIKES!!

As little poot becomes more and more active, I have one major concern that continues to pop into my mind...How in the world is this kid going to reach adulthood without brain damage?!  Here are a couple of examples for my worry:

1.  Sunday morning, poot is crawling all over the living room chatting it up with all the toys in the floor.  He makes his way over to the recliner and, all too independently, stands up.  This is still pretty new to him and he hasn't figured it all out just yet.  So what is his next logical step?  Let go, of course!  Before I can move from my seated position, I see and hear, SMACK!  Yes, that would be the sound of an 8 month old boy's head slamming into the concrete floor...obviously, kids were not in our minds when we built this house 4 years ago.  But, after the immediate screaming ended, we went on about our merry way.

2.  Sunday afternoon (ah Sunday why are you so mean to me?).  Mobile poot is on the move again.  Since men and women's brains were apparently created with completely different parts, the hubs, once again, left the fireplace screen standing on the floor instead of putting it back in front of the fire.  Logical, right?  Well, it made an interesting new toy for poot for a few minutes.  The fingernail running up and down the tiny metal loops was quite fun.  Until he knocked the dang thing over on top of him!! 

We seemed to make it through the head bashings for Sunday with no obvious injuries.  I'm wondering how long I can continue to say that?  If the hubs keeps up his, well, man brain, I don't know that it will be much longer. 

As if you needed me to provide further confirmation of the less-than-complete-thinking man brain, my final Sunday story...how many times are we going to leave containers of liquid in the floor for poot to knock over before we finally learn?  This time, instead of Dr. Pepper, the spillage was Miller Lite!  Don't even get me started on how angry I was at having to wash my baby and change his pajamas because he smelled like beer!

Can't wait to see what next Sunday holds...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, have a wonderful Christmas season filled with love!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our First Deer Season

We took a little ride with dad on opening day of deer season. Fun times! Here are some pictures.  It seems as though I will use pictures to describe most of my life now.  A picture is worth a thousand words after all, right?!

My mighty hunters, hard at it!
 Deer hunting is EXHAUSTING!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Having 2 full time jobs is a LOT!

So, it is official that I suck at blogging now that my precious, rotten Jack is here!  Who knew having 2 full time jobs would leave a person with no time to do anything else?!

My boy is so big!  At his 4 month check-up, he marked in the 70th percentile in height and the 9th in weight.  "Long and lean."  Hmmm I wonder where he gets that from?  He sits up on his own, rolls from back to belly and belly to back like there is no tomorrow.  He loves his jumperoo!  Everything he gets his hands on goes into his mouth, including Bo's tail!!  Oops on my part for that one!  And he absolutely LOVES baby food!  I may go broke trying to keep this boy fed!  He will be six months old one week from today.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Here are a few pictures...

We spent two nights in Children's Hospital with a stomach bug that caused SEVERE and IMMEDIATE dehydration.  Worst two nights of my life thus far.  But THANK YOU LORD for Arkansas Children's Hospital!
Sick, sick baby.
Feeling much better!
Trick or Treat!  I'm a Moo Cow!!

This smile makes me so happy every single day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

10 weeks in a few pictures

Coming home from the hospital - "What is happening to me?"

The Cowboy Corner - We are famous!



"I don't understand Girls yet (neither does daddy)"

16 year old Thomas - 9 1/2 week old Jack
(Lord please don't let Jack's feet be as big as Thomas')

Flip-flops? Check! Ready for the lake!